Aquis Hair Towel | Does It Really Dry Hair Faster?

Hi loves, today I am going to be talking about a product I have had for quite some time, the Aquis long hair towel. I have mines in the “Lisse Luxe” version. As all my friends and family know, I take hair care very seriously and pride myself in taking good care of my hair as much as physically possible. When I purchased the Aquis towel, I was trying to really start cutting heat out of my hair routine to ensure it grows longer with optimum thickness and healthiness. I was looking for a way to ensure my hair would dry at a good rate without the need for heat, and so I came across the Aquis towel range. I had been seeing a few of my favourite youtube gurus using the towel but hadn’t thought much of it – until I read the reviews! People have raved about the Aquis towel so much and I just had to see if it genuinely works.

As a frame of reference, my hair was quite long at time of purchase (around waist length I’d say). I have semi-thin hair strands though I have a lot of hair, and it generally straight with kinks and LOTS of frizz ? (classed as Type 1c). So because there are a lot strands of hair, even though they are relatively thin, my hair takes around 4-5 hours to air dry if left alone, which I am not here for. So I thought as the product claims to cut drying time down significantly and without damaging my hair in the slightest, it was worth the purchase and testing it out for real.



On to the product, FINALLY! Sorry for the overdrawn intro, I really can’t help it lol. Above is how the towel comes and the front and back of the packaging. It comes with an orange hair band tied at the top, which is a rubber type hairband which I actually prefer to cotton ones, but I misplaced it and cannot for the life of me find it! The detailing on the packaging is also very nice and all towels come with a different ‘Hair truth’ which I love. The Aquis website also contains a lot of information and tips that can aid in overall hair health and growth. The packaging for the towel is very travel friendly and allows the towel to be kept clean if you were to take it away with you. There are many different materials, shapes and sizes available. They have microfibre -like towels (Lizzie Luxe), waffle towels (Waffle Luxe) and hair turbans in both varieties so there are plenty of options, for any hair type and texture.


Upon opening the towel, it was evident it was very large! I have never had a towel which was able to hold my hair completely until now. It is so big , I couldn’t fit it into a picture and had to fold it in half. I honestly could not believe the size! When I felt it, it is extremely soft and the website states the ‘long Lizzie Luxe’ towels are suited to those with long hair, which is delicate and I strongly agree!




On the edge of the towel is an orange label with ‘Aquis’ on it and I feel this gives it a subtle luxury touch. The washing instructions state that there should be no fabric softener used while washing the towel. I believe that if fabric softener was to be used, it would cause the material to be too soft to work properly.

Now time to get down to the nitty gritty, the performance. As I have mentioned above, my hair takes around 4-5 hours to air dry, so I wasn’t expecting a major time difference from this towel, I was very sceptical and thought it might cut around 20 minutes off drying time. To my surprise, as soon as I wrapped my hair in the towel I could feel the water rapidly being absorbed instantly! NO JOKE! It was really odd for this to happen and within five minutes it felt as though my hair was semi-dry in areas such as my end. The nape of my neck always takes the longest to dry, so I was interested to see how long that would take to dry fully. I left my hair wrapped in the towel for around 40 minutes as I couldn’t wait any longer and was surprised to see it was 3/4 of the way dry! I mean 40 minutes sounds like a long time, but when your hair takes 4-5 hours usually, this is a major change! I then left my hair to air dry fully without the towel and this took approximately another 20-30 minutes. So a total time of 1 hour 20 minutes at the most! I could not believe that this cut my drying time down almost 3 fold!


Considering the length of my hair and the thickness of it, this is honestly a life save! I could not recommend this hair towel enough, it has honestly changed my hair care routine so much! I don’t really talk about it enough, but thinking back to how long it would take for my hair to dry compared to now and the how much the health of my hair has improved is astounding and I would not have my hair the length it is or how health it is!

If you have tried this or have any questions about this, please feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Much love, S 💋 xo

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