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Hi loves, today I will be doing a short review of my experiences with Macadamia Professional. This is a brand I stumbled upon around 3 years ago. I had first heard of this brand when one of my favourite Youtube gurus had mentioned their items and given a brief overview of the brand. Since hearing about them, I was extremely intrigued in the brand, and products overall.



About the brand:

Macadamia Professional has 2 different lines, the first being their ‘natural oil‘ range. This range features a lot of different products which all contain macadamia oil. The whole idea behind Macadamia Hair is the oil which is infused in the products which gives hair the care it needs.

The second line is the ‘Professional, and this is divided into three categories. One of the levels is ‘Weightless moisture‘ and this is specifically designed for baby fine to fine hair. This level is targeted to giving the hair the right amount of moisture without being heavy and weighing down already thin hair. Next is the ‘Nourishing moisture‘ line, and this is made for medium to course hair. These products provide a great deal of hydration to hair. The final of the three is ‘Ultra Rich Moisture‘ which is designed for course to coiled hair. This gives an advanced level of hydration and repair to hair.



The Low Down


I personally have medium hair, so opted for the nourishing range. When first venturing into this brand I was a little skeptical about how it would perform. My first time trying the products was around October 2015. I had recently had a big chop (around 8 inches off my hair!), and was looking for better ways to grow my hair in a more healthy way.

One of the most surprising benefits of the brand is all their products are: all natural, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, colour safe and most importantly free from harsh sulfates. The brand stands by its ‘Pro oil complex’, a special blend of macadamia oil and argan oil, which allows the products to give moisture and repair deep inside the hair follicle.

I had stopped using the nourishing shampoo and conditioner when they ran out around October 2016. Since that time, I had forgotten to repurchase but finally did. Now that I have used the products again, it reminded me how much I love the range.



My Thoughts

After going without these products for a year, I realised how much of a difference the products made to my hair even after one use. So if you are a continuous follow of the blog, you know I have been on a mission to grow my hair to 35 inches. The tips of my hair are currently at the 35 inches mark and I am planning to cut my ends when they reach 35 inches so they are all one length. Due to how old my ends are (and how much colouring/bleaching they have underwent the last 4 years), they are quite brittle and damaged, and  I noticed the most difference on the ends of my hair. With one use, my ends are smooth and just as silky as the rest of my hair. You would never be able to tell my hair was ever damaged.

With my scalp, I’ve noticed that since I stopped using this last year my hair became more oily faster. It usually starts building up on the second day. When using the Macadamia Hair range, my scalp doesn’t get oily as fast. I washed my hair with this shampoo and conditioner two nights ago, and currently don’t see any shine at all. Another great benefit is this minimised the amount of frizz I experienced. I noticed a massive difference straight out of the shower!

Overall, my hair feels more full of life, a lot more voluminous and very well looked after. To see these results after one use of the products is astounding. There must be some kind of magic in this range, as I cannot say I have encountered any problems with the products I have tried from Macadamia. I will always continue to buy the Nourishing moisture range.



I hope you enjoyed this short overview of Macadamia Professional. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to comment down below or contact me via email and I will be happy to help.

Much love, S 💋 xo

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