Best Lip Prep For Liquid Lipstick | Importance of Lip Care

Hi loves, today I will be running through a quick step by step on how to prepare your lips for liquid lipstick (or lip care in general). My lips are generally okay and stay quite soft. However, from time to time (especially the winter months and now that it is Ramadhan and I’m fasting) I find my lips are very dehydrated and need some extra help.


My first tip is to use a lip scrub at night, either while or after washing your face. This will help get rid of the dead skin and bring some moisture to your lips. Keep the scrub on and massage lips together while doing your skincare routine. Once your skincare routine is done, wipe this off with a wipe or a tissue (if done during washing your face, you can wash this off with water). I have three lip scrubs which I rotate between depending on how dry my lips are.

NOTE: I do not do this step every night, every second night if my lips are really dry or the night before I am going to a dinner etc where I will be wearing liquid lipstick. 



The Tarte ‘Lip Facial’ ($16/£14) is the most intense of the three and will scrub off a whole layer of skin. I only use this when my lips are extremely dry and if they are hurting due to dehydration (which is rarely). If you prefer a very intense scrub then I recommend this! Next up is the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Lip Love’ (£20), this is good for removing dryness and adding an insane amount of hydration. This is almost a two-in-one and that is why I love it so much. You just need to add a layer of lip balm to ensure all the nutrients stay on lips, but sometimes I forget and they are not dry by morning at all. The last of the scrubs is a Aritaum ‘Ginger Sugar’ Lip Scrub (£8.50), I received this as a sample in a monthly mask box I was subscribed to. I  like to use this on occasion. I use this when I’m not looking to remove any dry/dead skin, but can feel my lips beginning to dry up and know they need light exfoliation. Of course, you could make your own lip scrub with sugar/brown sugar and olive oil/almond oil etc but I find that these do not do very well in getting rid of dead skin.


The next step is to apply a lip balm or something that will moisturise the lips and keep them well hydrated during the night. I tend to use Farsali Rose Gold Elixer for this, as I already apply it all over my face at night (pre-moisturiser) and it really does help lips stay soft and hydrated.


In the morning, if there is any dead skin built up (or if you forget to use a scrub the night before) I like to use silk cocoon balls. This sounds strange, but they really do work! They help to gently exfoliate lips and leave them soft and supple without any product to wipe off. You just take a cocoon ball, place finger inside the gap, dampen under water and rub lips gently for around 1 minute and it will remove all dead skin. Then, just pop on a lip balm while you’re doing your makeup, to add a little moisture back into lips. I swear by this if I forget to use a scrub and notice my lips need some love promptly!


Lastly, if your lips are textured in any way a good product to try is the Tarte ‘Lipsaver’ Lip Treatment/Primer. This helps to smooth out any fine lines on the lips and plumps them ever so slightly to remove any texture on the lips. I do have slightly textured lips, though I only use this occasionally. This is because it has an almost waxy/silicone feel and does not always sit well under all liquid lipsticks. I have tried it under a few different formulas and one did not play well. So, I would say it does work well the majority of liquid lipstick formulas, but not all.


I hope you enjoyed this lip prep post. If you have any other recommendations for lip prep or any questions/concerns, please leave me a comment.


Much love, S 💋 xo

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