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Coty Airspun Translucent Powder | First Impression

Hi loves, today I will be doing a first impression of the Coty Airspun ‘Loose Face Powder’, I purchased mines in the shade ‘Translucent’ though it is available in other variations of colour and ‘extra coverage translucent’ too. Though I have heard from previous users the extra coverage is very “cakey” on skin and can accentuate pores, so I opted for the translucent.


Just for a little background on where I was before this product with setting powders. I used Laura Mercier translucent powder previously and have loved it. I ran out of it in February and have since been on the hunt to find a good alternative, as it does become rather expensive and there is not a lot of product for the price. I came across a lot of recommendations for this Airspun powder so thought I would give it a try. I do not live in the USA but have seen that this retails for $6-12 dependent on where it is purchased. I bought mines on Amazon for £13. In comparison, this powder is £13 for 2.3oz/65g whereas the Laura Mercier translucent powder is £30 for 1oz/29g. That is double the product for almost a third of the price! Which I find is amazing value.



When I opened the packaging I noticed the lid does not screw on and off, it just pulls and the powder is extremely finely-milled so if there was powder sitting in the top tray it could go everywhere – this is just something to be aware of as it could get messy. The product comes with a protective plastic film over the holes to the lower tray, preventing spillage prior to use and a powder puff, much like the Laura Mercier powder. I prefer to apply the powder with a brush or a beauty sponge rather than a powder puff, though it does pick up a good amount of product and the puff seems to apply it well.


The claims of this loose face powder are as follows:

Airspun is a loose face powder blended with air to provide the ultimate in coverage with a lightweight feel. Featuring an exclusive Microspun formula loose powder particles are spun and swirled until they reach a cloud-like softness. This ultra smooth powder hides tiny lines, winkles and blemishes and gives a new softness to your skin. Can be used to set makeup or as a foundation. Long-lasting. Dermatologically tested.

I found that as the powder is extremely finely-milled, using a brush or sponge helps pick up the perfect amount of powder to bake the under-eye area and set foundation. My skin is normal to dry and I have noticed that some powders can dry my skin out more and accentuate dry areas, this powder did not make my skin look or feel dry in the slightest. It is very light-weight on the skin and blends in very well, it is almost undetectable on the skin. I definitely agree with the claim of it giving skin a smooth finish and does not enlarge pores or fine lines at all!

The only complaint I have is there is a very distinct smell, like a perfume for an old lady almost. This is overpowering at first, but it does fade as soon as the powder has blended into skin. This doesn’t affect me too much as within a few minutes I blend the powder in and the smell has gone. However, for those who are sensitive to fragrances, I would advise that it may be best to steer clear of this product as it could irritate skin. There is also meant to be a ‘fragrance-free’ alternative, though I could not find it so cannot compare the two, though this may be better for those of you who do have a sensitivity to perfumes or smells.

I first tried this product the night of my university graduation ball and was a little scared to risk trying a new product which could potentially ruin my makeup on a special event. Though I knew I needed to set my face or it would be all over the place. So I risked it and I’m so so glad I did! I applied my makeup around 5 pm, I got home around 12.30 am and I removed the makeup around 1.30-2 am. I must say I was extremely impressed, when I got home I noticed where my makeup usually moves a little (around nostrils and chin) just from normal wear, the product has not moved at all. I also have to say the product helped my makeup last without any touch ups and even before I washed my face, it looked as though it was freshly applied.

Also, I should add that all pictures taken at the ball were done so with flash and there was no flash back detected on any of the pictures taken by the professional photographer or by myself. I am so pleased to have found this product and I know it will last me a lifetime, due to the size and the little amount of product which is used.

I hoped you enjoyed this first impression of this loose powder and I highly recommend you try this if you are looking for a good translucent powder which will ensure your makeup stays on all day. If you have any questions about the product or have tried it and would like to tell me your views, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

Much love, S 💋 xo

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