Farsáli Rose Gold Elixir & Unicorn Essence | Review

Hi loves, today I’m going to be looking at two MAJOR beauty/skincare essentials which have been floating around instagram and have had a huge hype since being released. These are the Farsáli Rose Gold Elixir and the new edition Unicorn Essence (formerly known Unicorn Tears).

Farsáli is a brand by the huge beauty influencer Farah Dhukai (she is a god send btw!) and her husband Sal Ali. Sal Ali founded this brand in 2014 due to his wifes love of beauty and skincare. Since launching the brand has been a social media sensation and since I own both these products, I thought it was only right to do an in-depth review on them. They have a volcanic elixir which was their first product and a cleanser which I have not tried. What makes this brand so great is that they only use 100% natural products, which I love because it gives me the security of knowing I am only putting good quality products on my skin and caring for it appropriately. I am a big enthusiast for organic and natural products and I always ensure my skincare products are 100% natural if not organic.

Okay, so on to the review. First we will be looking at the Rose Gold Elixir, this is a 24 karat gold infused beauty oil. Rose Gold elixir is stated to have several uses: be a day-time moisturiser, prep lips for liquid lipsticks, give skin a glow when mixing into foundation and lastly bring dried out products back to life. The oils that are contained are rosehip oil, pumpkin seed oil, lemongrass oil and orange peel oil – with an added bonus of vitamin e as well as the 24-k gold.

The appearance of the oil is different to many oils out there, as you can see the flecks of gold in the dropper, which gives the product that luxury feel. The consistency of this is amazing, as soon as you drop it onto skin you feel it soaking in straight away. I tend to use this in the evening as part of my night routine, even though it states it is a daytime moisturiser I feel it better suits me at night. As you will have seen, many instagramers use this when blending in foundations or concealer to give it a dewy look and it really does work in this way. When I do this with the product it brings such a beautiful radiance to the skin and helps tough products to blend seamlessly into the skin. The smell is very citrus, though it is not overpowering. I would recommend this as a skincare product, and not how it is seen used on instagram though. This is because when mixing it into products, I feel the benefits of the oil are not being absorbed into the skin and it isn’t really doing much for the skin – though this is a personal opinion. I prefer knowing that the ingredients are actually benefiting my skin, so I choose to apply this after I have toned in the evening. With that being said, it is a wonderful daytime product too – but as I have normal skin I do not need this as well as my moisturiser in the morning (which I loved before I got this product) as it would over-moisturise my skin. Considering lasting effects, I find this has improved my skin greatly – it has helped to rejuvenate texture my skin was developing, evened out my complexion and greatly helped with pigmentation on my chin area due to acne scarring. I have been using this consistently for six months and don’t think I would ever stop using it because the benefits this product have given me is without a doubt better than any other skincare oil I have had before. I will forever purchase this unless by some chance it stops being sold (which I pray it won’t!!). I have to say this is a 10/10 product and can improve your skin in so many ways.




Now moving on to the recently released Unicorn Essence. This products is an oil free, anti-oxidant serum. The claims of this product are: it is a dual-purpose serum (preparing for moisturisers and protecting against free radicals), it can be used as a makeup primer, an eyeshaddow primer and enhancing your highlighter. Unicorn essence contains acai berry, goji berry, elderberry & blueberry – thus giving it the “antioxidant” appeal due to the amount of vitamin C it has in it and also is meant to aid in anti-aging too.

When I first seen this product I was in awe with how gorgeous it looks, Farsáli packaging is always so nice, but the product (just like the Rose Gold Elixir) looked very luxury. In appearance it is a light-weight pink serum with a subtle amount of tiny shimmy particles (as seen in picture above). I think this adds a little more to the product (why I love Farsáli tbh) as it makes you feel as though you are using super high end products. The consistency feels like a very light-weight oil (such as argan oil) but of course it is oil-free so it is a mystery how this is the consistency. Aside from this, the product is very nice, once rubbed into the skin it gives a beautiful radiance to the skin – not necessarily a glow, it is kind of hard to explain because it does multiple things to improve the appearance of the skin at once. My first time using it I noticed as I was applying it there was a difference in the smoothness of my skin, it was as though there was not a single pore on my face (which is anything but the truth) but it just smoothed my face so much that it made me look 17 again. Another thing I picked up on was the radiance, as mentioned before. Overall, my skin felt as though I had never seen a bad skin day, never had any kind of blemish on my skin and it even helped smooth over spots I had at the time. As an eye primer, I would say it performed just as well as my regular Tarte eye primer. It made my eye makeup last and did not move my product around. I sometimes have a hard time with my eyeliner staying in place in the tearduct area (it tends to smudge) but with this Unicorn essence as a primer my eyeliner stayed beautifully all day (8-12 hours). Another thing to note is my eyelids tend to get a little oily, so this really held up well against this. I only tested this out on my eyes on a couple of  occasions, so if you’d like me to I can put an update in if anything changes but so far it has been working terrifically. I highly rate this product, but I have only used it for a short time and I feel calling it a holy grail product so soon after playing with it 3 times would not be right.


I hope you enjoyed this review and hope you got all the answers to any questions you had. If not feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer anything I have missed.


Much love, S 💋 xo

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