Hair Growth Update | Does Sugarbear Hair Work?

Hi loves, today I am doing a quick hair growth and length update. As I mentioned in my Sugar Bear Hair review (here), I would do an update at the start of September to update you on the progress of my hair. So, here I am!



I stuck to eating two gummies a day, as well as using my hair treatment mask (found here) weekly. My goal was to grow my hair 5 inches, so I would reach 35 inches. I am planning to cut 5 inches my ends once I reach 35 inches, so my hair is my goal length and is at optimal health.



Okay, are you ready to see my results?
I can happily say my hair has reached 33 inches! This is something I am so so pleased with this. I know I did not manage to get to my goal. But, it was quite unrealistic, and I pointed this out in my last hair post too.

I am still VERY happy to know my hair HAS grown at a faster rate than usual and my hair is now softer, shinier and stronger than it was before!


Does Sugar Bear Hair work?


For me, I would say yes! Everyone has different hair growth rates and the amount of hair you grow is dependant on which stage of the hair cycle you are in at the time.

With this being said, the gummies are meant to improve hair growth rate and help achieve and maintain healthy hair. There is no set amount of growth to be expected. Both of these ring true for me, personally.


Final thoughts:

As I know expecting my hair to grow 5 inches in 4 weeks is a bit of a stretch, I am not disappointed at all. I am happy that I have managed to get my hair so close to my goal length. There are only 2 inches I need to grow, until I get there now!

I will continue to use my hair treatment mask for another month, to see if this will help me reach my goal length by October. Once I reach my hair goal, I will chop 5 inches off and try to maintain my hair at a good health. I will also continue to use very little heat on my hair, like I have been so far.


I hope you enjoyed this quick hair update post. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to comment down below or contact me via email and I will be happy to help.

Much love, S 💋 xo

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