Huda Beauty #SummerSolstice Collection | Review & Swatches

Hi loves, today I will be reviewing the BRAND NEW and limited edition Huda Beauty Summer Solstice collection. I absolutely love Huda Beauty as a company, and am a huge supporter of the Kattan family. As soon as I seen this collection, I knew I had to purchase all 5 products.


About Huda Beauty

Just a quick background on the company, and my experience with them. Huda Beauty began as founder, Huda Kattan, started her beauty blog in 2010. She then joined Instagram in 2012 and became an overnight sensation. By 2013, Huda Beauty released their first beauty products, which were their false lashes. From 2012 to now, Huda Beauty has been one of the most influential Instagram accounts around, and one of the most world famous and fastest growing beauty brands. I feel it is so gracious of the Huda Beauty team to support and repost other makeup lovers, whether they have a huge following or are just starting out in the beauty community, as you don’t see this very often.

Personally, I adore all the products Huda Beauty has released. I have the whole lash collection, the Rose Gold palette and some of their Liquid Mattes. Their lashes are the only ones I use, as I don’t wear lashes often. Every time I go out for an event I always reach for my Rose Gold palette, as it is my favourite eyeshaddow palette. I love their liquid mattes and I always tell myself I don’t need the full collection (but I really do, they’re that good). When buying gifts for friends I will always purchase Huda Beauty before thinking of other brands. I have a genuine love for the company and their products never disappoint me, which is why I have such trust in them when gift giving.




Now, on to the real reason we are here. The review! The collection consists of a highlighter palette and four new liquid mattes, all items are sold separately. You can purchase any of the items directly from Shop Huda Beauty, Cult Beauty or Harrods online and Sephora UAE in stores. The collection will be launching in Sephora US in August, no date has been confirmed as yet. As I live in the UK, I purchased mines from Cult Beauty and they offer free shipping over £40. I usually do order from Shop Huda Beauty and do not wait long for my order to arrive, but just opted for Cult Beauty this time.


Liquid Matte

The new additions to the Liquid Mattes come in four shades, as seen above. They have the same amazing super light-weight, non-transfer formula that the other Liquid Mattes have. However, they come with the most subtle but gorgeous tropical scent.

The smell does not linger, though you can catch a small glimpse of coconut goodness and just a feeling of being on a tropical island as applying them. I have to say, I’m a huge fan of coconut and love the smell, I honestly wish the smell did last a little longer and stayed with me throughout the day, as I really enjoyed it. For those who do not like scents to products, you may enjoy how soft the smell is and how fast it goes.



Bikini Babe‘ is, in my opinion, a neutral toned nude and described as a ‘light apricot nude’. This shade is perfect for those who love nudes and could compliment any skin tone well. I know some nudes can wash out colours, but I feel that is shade could work with anyone, if you are into nudes of course. Having recently become drawn to nude shades and can see myself using this a lot.

Jetsetter’ is a soft pop of pink, described as a ‘pink sorbet’ on Huda Beauty website. Again, this is another beautiful shade, I am currently wearing it now and love it. This is one of those ‘your lips, but better’ colours in my opinion. It can be used when looking for a subtle shade that can go with any look, no matter how glam or casual you are going. This is a definite must for me.

Wild Child‘ is one of those ‘in your face’, pretty neon pinks. I would say this shade is not for the light hearted, if you are not used to wearing pink this may not be for you. I do not find pink too intimidating, though I rarely wear it. As it is summer, I feel this would be the best time to wear these shades.

The last Liquid Matte ‘Mamacita’ is my favourite of the bunch. This is described as a ‘spicy orange-red’ and is a classic shade for summer. This is one of those shades that look stunning, if you have a more tanned skin tone. However, that does not mean light skinned ladies can’t pull it off. I am around NC20 complexion and feel it looks gorgeous against my skin. If like me, you like to step out of your comfort zone from time to time, or love those bright vibrant colours, this is perfect.


Summer Solstice 3D Highlighter Palette

Now, this gorgeous specimen features four versatile shades which are meant to give a 3-dimensional radiant effect to the cheeks. I am a HUGE sucker for packaging and when I opened my parcel on Friday, I took around 20 snaps of the packaging of this. I can not get over how beautiful the exterior is. It has to be the favourite item in my bedroom, currently.

All three Huda Beauty highlighter palettes come with two different textures. There is one ‘melted strobe’ (which is made with shea butter) and three powders pressed with pearls. This is what makes this a unique product. Another thing that makes the Huda Beauty Highlighter palettes unique to others is the claim of a ‘3D glow’ effect on the face.

The way this is achieved is by applying the melted strobe shade to the highest point on the cheekbone. This is then set by the first powder in the palette, directly beside the strobe. Following on from this, the shade below the strobe is intended to be a sculpting shade. The final step in this process is to take the fourth shade and apply as a shimmery blush. Although this is the general advised use of the four shades, you can mix it up and use whichever shade wherever and I’m sure it will come out wonderfully.




The melted strobe in the summer edition is called ‘Saint-Tropez’ and has a creamy, almost mousse-like texture. This is a light shade with a gold shimmer. When you touch this, your hand sort of melts into it. This is super pigmented and can blend out to a light soft glow easily.

‘Malibu’ has been described as a ‘medium bronze with a gold reflection’. This sums the shade up perfectly, and it is also quite pigmented. I can see this being gorgeous on those with tanned or deep complexions and will give you such a beautiful glow, even if Saint-Tropez is not applied underneath.

‘Copacabana’ is a lovely ‘sweet pink’ and this is gorgeous too. This is quite a sheer shade compared to Malibu, but it is a lovely highlight shade. If you are looking for a pink toned highlight or prefer pink tones, this is a beautiful shade for your collection.

‘Mykonos’ is the most amazing of all four shades to me. This is a vibrant purple with almost a blue duo-chrome effect. When I seen the palette, this is the shade that made me want it, as I was so intrigued by it. Honestly, this would be the perfect blush if you don’t mind shimmer in your blushes.



Overall, I loved the collection and feel Huda Beauty really considered all skintones while creating all the products. I can really see all the shades in the palette, as well as the Liquid Mattes, working on any complexion. This is a reason I love Huda Beauty too, you can always find something for everyone.


I hope you enjoyed this review. Are there any items you are planning on picking up? Let me know down below in the comments. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me in the comments or via email.

Much love, S 💋 xo

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