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Sigma Beauty Haul | Ft Sigma’s New 3DHD Beauty Sponge!

Hi loves, today I will be showing you my latest brush haul from Sigma Beauty. My first Sigma purchase was October 2015. I had never had any high-end brushes, and I was using an ELF brush set before this time – which was adequate, though I wanted to step up my makeup game and knew how important tools are for an overall look. So I took the plunge and bought around 20 brushes, from blending eye brushes to contour and the famous F80 Flat Kabuki brush (which is great FYI ❤️). None of these brushes disappointed me and I was completely hooked with Sigma brushes!

Since making my first purchase, I have made three further orders with Sigma, the second order was for the brush case (purchased from Amazon UK. The second purchase was for some brushes from the recently released highlight and contour set, which were of amazing quality and I use my F03 Highlight brush every single day. Although Sigma can be a little on the expensive side, there are so many discount codes available from 10-20% off and Sigma always has great deals going and regular sales. Another plus is all products purchased from the main site come with a 2 year warranty. My regular code is BIRDY from BeautyyBird – my favourite beauty influencer and Youtube Guru ??(check her out here).


Okay, on to the haul! These are all the products I purchased, and I love how Sigma has vamped up their packaging (I’m a sucker for packaging btw). I just feel it makes the product look more luxury and makes it worth spending that little bit extra on too!


So the first brush from the haul is the E11 Eyeliner brush. This is the smallest eye liner brush I have seen and it looks great! The handle for this brush is quite long, which is great for controlling the brush precisely. The tip comes to such a fine point, the bristles are not flimsy and there are no stray strands, showing it would give a good liner if you can keep a steady hand. I’m not always the best at winged liner, I have my off-days but having a good brush is essential if you want to master wing liner. I would normally use the E06 Winged Liner brush (which works amazing) but wanted something that could give a little more precision with the wing. I have still to fully test out the brush’s performance, and will do an update if this doesn’t pan out the way I expect it to.


Another purchase was the E38 Diffused Crease brush. This brush has the softest bristles, but is still a little dense at the bottom of the brush – this allows the brush to disperse product well and blend shaddows out perfectly, without much effort (which is what every girl dreams of, right?). I have had a play around with this brush a few times now and noticed it is not as fluffy as the E40 Tapered Blending, which I am used to using, but I personally feel it blends transition shades a little better than the E40. This is because it keeps the product in the specific area you place it (due to its density) but as it has a little fluffiness towards the top of the brush, this allows for perfect blending. I’m so glad I finally picked this brush up, as it has made a huge difference to my eye makeup!


The E58 Cream Colour brush is another brush I have had my eye on for some time. I have both the E60 Large shader (which I mainly use to apply a vanilla shade all over the lid before apply desired colours) and the E55 Eye Shading brush which is great for packing on bright matte colours to the lid, but often when applying shimmer or foiled shades, the brush would not give good results. This brush however packs product on to lids like a charm, the bristles are quite stiff compared to the E55 and as the strands are quite long in comparison, it manages to fill the lid in one swipe (and if I want a little more intensity I run it over without picking more product up as it gets so much from one tap). I have to say, even though I only had this a few weeks this is my favourite brush for the lid as it has performed well with all types of eyeshaddows.


The final eye brush I purchased was the E62 Cut Crease brush. I have been LOVING the cut crease trend for the last year, and recently started trying to master it. I have done a cut crease on several occasions and it has came out well. But as cut creases are quickly becoming my favourite eye look, I thought it was time to invest in a brush which could help me cut my crease as sharp as a knife ? (LOL). This brush has an angled edge to help get right into the crease to give it that super defined line. The bristles feels quite synthetic and not too soft, so I think it would move with products rather well. I haven’t got the chance to use this brush yet, but am excited to do so and will definitely put an update in once I have.

Next up is the F89 Bake Kabuki, to start off this brush is the softest Kabuki I have! It has a “deeply-angled” head and is very dense towards the shaft, which is very unique. As it provides quite a bit of density while still being soft, it allows for a great amount of product pick up – which is what is desired from a baking brush. Also, the shape of the whole brush is perfect for covering the whole under-eye area, making it a great brush for applying setting powder to the area or baking. I highly recommend this brush to those who love to bake (like me) and those who find baking to be a little tricky, this will give you an effortless bake!


Another purchase I will touch on briefly is the Sigmagic Brushampoo. This is a 100% natural brush cleaner, meant to wash and condition brushes simultaneously. The ingredients list is the shortest I’ve seen for a brush cleaner: Deionized Water, Virgin Coconut Oil, RSPO Certified Palm Oil. I honestly appreciate when companies take the time to make good quality products, which are highly beneficial for customers and are not harsh. I will be going a bit more in-depth with this cleaner in another blog, so I thought I would introduce it at this point.


The final item I purchased was the 3DHD Blender, based on their 3DHD Kabuki brush which I love. I have been highly anticipating this product since December and I have to say I am in LOVE. The texture of the blender is almost like fabric – it is hard to explain, but it feels like something very familiar, I just can’t put my finger on it. The edges on this sponge are what make it unique to any other blending sponge on the market and with a price of $15, it doesn’t get any better! There is one big, curved edge, two tear shaped edges and a triangular bottom – making this a truly 3D sponge! I have tested this out with all my foundations and concealers, I have used it with setting powder, for baking, and cream/powder contour, blush, highlight – basically in every way possible, even applying matte shaddows to the lid. Overall, this performs so much better than a Beauty Blender, and believe me when I say I love my Beauty Blender. I don’t know how Sigma managed to make a sponge that is SO versatile and can manage any application flawlessly! I cannot explain how much I truly love this sponge and I know, as long as I have this Sigma sponge I will no longer be reaching for my Beauty blender, as I know it performs so much better.

I hope you enjoyed this haul and this helped you understand these brushes/tools a little better. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on any of the products mentioned, if you have tried them, or have any questions.


Much love, S 💋 xo

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