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Tarte Cosmetics MEGA Haul | Review

Hi loves, today I will be doing a review on some products I ordered from Tarte cosmetics. I ordered these around three weeks ago and as soon as it got delivered I had to test out the goodies. I have been ordering from Tarte cosmetics for around 2 years. As they only started international shipping early last year, prior to this I would order my products from the Sephora website. Though I can now easily buy from Tarte cosmetics.


My first encounter with Tarte was with their BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer as I was searching for good quality, natural makeup, and since then I Have been HOOKED on Tarte products. Tarte is one of my favourite brands of all time and I always have my eye out for new Tarte products.

This haul will feature a few Tarte products, such as the very hyped Shape Tape concealer (spoiler alert: it is totally worth the hype) and the Tarte Double Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation.


The first two product I will be reviewing are the Rainforest of the Sea 4-in-1 Setting Mist and the Lip Facial Lip Scrub.

The facial mist (above) has 4 main claims: it can be used as a primer, a ‘skin-refresher’, a hydrating mist, and can extend the wear of makeup for up to 12 hours. First, I would like to comment on the smell of this product, this is the most beautiful smelling facial spray I have ever encountered, it has floral hints and a soft sweetness about it – but is not overpowering in the slightest. The spray does work well as a setting spray and I cannot comment on the 12-hour wear as I was only wearing the makeup for  around 4-5 hours, but even then it looked like it was freshly applied and had not faded.



The lip scrub is hard core (unfortunately I lost my picture, so have inserted one from Tarte cosmetics website above). For those who like to feel their lips being vigorously scrubbed like crazy, this will do so with little effort. It has a conditioner element and definitely leaves your lips feeling soft and supple.



Next, I will be looking into the Clay Pot Shadow Liners, I purchased these in shades fairy wings, white and unicorn kisses. The consistency of these is so creamy, they glide on to your lid effortlessly – making them great for a pop of colour instead of your usual black liner. I used white to do a wing liner and was so impressed with the colour payoff and with one swipe I had the perfect wing. That’s what I call a great liner.



The PRO Glitter liner in silver is also great for applying as eyeliner to give an extra pop. I have not played with this too much, as it is an occasional wear item but it reminds me of the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners for some comparison.





Moving on to the CC Undereye Corrector, this is a colour correcting concealer for the undereye area. This is a very rich, creamy concealer. It comes in two shades (light-medium and medium dark), I have light-medium and it is a light peach toned orange (shown above). This works wonders for me, as soon as I put it on my undereyes my prominent blue toned dark circles were erased, and my bags were almost covered too. It is not like other undereye concealers that can be heavy with too much coverage (ruining your application of concealer) or those that are very light weight and do not cover at all. This is the perfect mix between lightweight feel and full coverage.




Let’s now discuss the Hybrid Gel foundation (shade light neutral). Now this is a product I was VERY spectical about but really intrigued me. I typically like foundations which are very lightweight, and most of these tend to be light to medium coverage with not much building ability. With a name like’Hybrid Gel’, it reminded me of Aloe Vera of sorts and was curious to see the consistency and payoff (as this is classed a high coverage foundation). I have to say I was seriously surprised with this product, it truly blew me away! I do not understand how Tarte managed to come up with a product that seriously packs a punch with such a beautiful lightweight, barely there consistency. It honestly felt as though I only had a very rich moisturiser on my skin and did not have any form of makeup on, when in actual fact I had a full on beat cake face. Another aspect which I love is how Tarte manages to get undertones of products bang-on, I have never had a foundation which matches my skin down to a t – until now.



We have now reached the last product of this long-winded haul, the much anticipated Shape Tape concealer (shade light-neutral). Although I have just stated that Tarte managed to match my undertone completely, with this product I wasn’t sure if this would be the case so I opted for the same shade as my foundation – which was an error on my part as it matched the foundation great and I realise I would need ‘fair neutral’ to properly highlight my undereye area. However, even though it blends right into my foundation colour, I can’t put it down. It is the only concealer I have used since it arrived and I honestly understand why there is a hype with this product. The consistency is very light, but much like the CC undereye corrector, it has amazing coverage. It dries down to a matte finish when blended and does not need to be set (if you have dry undereyes, this is an amazing plus!). I could talk about this product all day but you will only understand the hype if you go out to your local ULTA to test it out or purchase it for yourself. Honestly, if I could pick one product from this haul and never use any of the rest, it would be this concealer!


I hope you enjoyed my very, very long review on these Tarte products and I anticipate hearing your views on any of these products. If you have tried any of these before, please let me know your thoughts, I’d love to see how you feel about these products and if you loved them as much as I do.

I look forward to my next post and hope to catch you there,

Much love, S 💋 xo

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